Abuse Prevention

Prevention of Abuse

New India Matrimony (NIM) aims to produce you with secure and secure surroundings during which you search and realize your life partner. Our client Relations team ensures that each profile place up at NIM is screened for unsuitable and/or inappropriate content. We even have strict and news systems for those who do get through our screening systems. However, in making certain your safety and privacy, we're restricted to actions that are inside our management. Therefore, it's necessary for you to exercise some easy precautions for your privacy and for a secure and secure expertise. Here are some easy tips you'll follow to guard your privacy.

Guard Your Obscurity

Guard Your Obscurity

Our system of anonymous contacting (expressing interest, accepting/declining), and personal electronic communication (Communicate section) is to confirm that your identity is protected till you opt to reveal it.

  • Do
    1. Remember that you just are in control of your on-line experience the least bit times. You’ll stay utterly anonymous till you decide on not to.
  • Don't
    1. Don't embrace your personal contact info like name, email address, home address, telephone numbers, place of labor or the other characteristic info in your initial messages.
    2. Don't send contact info till your instincts tell you that this can be somebody you'll trust. It's okay to require it slow.

Start Slow - Use E-mails at First

Create a Separate E-Mail Id

Set up a separate email account for act. Trust your instincts and begin by sharing solely your email address and act entirely via email.

  • Do
    1. Look for odd behavior or inconsistencies. Serious folks can respect your area and permit you to require some time.
    2. Ask an acquaintance to read the emails you receive - associate unbiased observer will spot warning signs you incomprehensible.
    3. Stop act with anyone who pressures you for private info or makes an attempt in any thanks to trick you into revealing it.
  • Don't
    1. Don't use signature lines in your emails that embrace your phone numbers and addresses.
    2. Don't use your regular or official email id for act with someone you do not grasp well.

Request for a photograph

Access Denied for Unauthorised Person

A photo can provide you with an honest plan of the person's look, which can prove useful in achieving a gut feeling.

  • Do
    1. You can use the icon Request choice on New India Matrimony (NIM). Since NIM offers free scanning services to its members, there isn't any reason somebody should not be able to give you a photograph.
    2. In fact, it is best to look at many pictures of somebody in numerous settings: casual, formal, indoors and outdoors. If all you hear are excuses concerning why you cannot see a photograph, contemplate that he or she has something to cover.

Chat on the phone

Don't Reveal Personal Telephone Number

A telephone call will reveal a lot of about a person's communication and social skills. Contemplate your security and don't reveal your personal telephone number to an unknown.

  • Do
    1. Use a pre paid portable number or use native telephone blocking techniques to stop your telephone number from showing in caller ID. Solely furnish your telephone number once you feel fully comfortable and have some background info on the opposite person.
    2. If somebody offers you a telephone number with a weird area code, check it bent on check that it is not a charge range before you create the decision..

Meet after you are prepared

meeting should be arranged after proper arrangement

The beauty of meeting on-line is that you just will collect info step by step, later selecting whether or not to pursue the link within the offline world. You ne'er are supposed to fulfill anyone. Go at your own pace!

  • Do
    1. Remember that you just are au fait once it involves taking an internet relationship offline.
    2. Even if you choose to rearrange a gathering, you mostly have the proper to vary your mind. It's potential that you just decision to keep the connection at the anonymous level is predicated on a hunch that you cannot logically justify. Trust yourself. Accompany your instincts.

Meet in a very safe place

Be Safe While Meeting

When you opt to meet offline it's an honest plan to undertake and embody either or each of your families. However if you trust the person enough to fulfill alone invariably tell an exponent or your family wherever you're going and once you can come.

  • Do
    1. When you plan to meet face to face with somebody for the primary time, select a public place (such as a restaurant/cafe) at a time once many folks square measure around and guarantee your own transportation to and fro.
    2. For the primary meeting, it's invariably sensible to not meet the opposite person alone. Take an exponent or relative on and raise him/her to try and do constant.
    3. In case you are doing plan to meet him/her alone leave the name, address and signal of the person you re-planning to meet together with your friend or loved one. Take a telephone together with you.
  • Don't
    1. Never organize for your prospective match to select you up or drop you reception.
    2. Do not move to a secluded place or a flick alone at the primary meeting.

Watch for Warning Signs

Wait and Watch For Warning Sign

watching for warning signs and acting upon it's the surest thanks to avoid an uncomfortable scenario.

  • Do
    1. Ask plenty of queries and watch for inconsistencies. This may assist you sight liars and cons, and it'll assist you determine if you are compatible.
    2. Pay attention to displays of anger, intense frustration or makes an attempt to pressure or management you. Acting during a resentful manner, creating humbling or disrespectful comments, or any physically inappropriate behavior are all warning signs.
    3. Involve your family or your shut friends in your look for a life partner and don't take a choice unilaterally.
  • Don't
    1. Don't ignore the subsequent behavior specially if it's while not an appropriate explanation
    2. Provides inconsistent data concerning age, interests, appearance, marital status, profession, employment, etc.
    3. Fails to supply direct answers to direct queries
    4. Seems considerably completely different face to face from his or her on-line persona ne'er introduces you to friends, skilled associates or relations

Beware of cash scams

Beware of cash scams in todays world

Watch out for cash scams. There are simply too several con artists and scam artists round the world, and that they are all over.

  • Do
    1. Be cautious of these who attempt to raise cash from you for no matter reason. However it'd be safer to chop off the communication. Bear in mind a real person won't raise you for cash in any circumstance. If somebody asks you for cash, use sense and ne'er admit defeat to such requests.
    2. In case somebody asks you for cash report the case to us.
  • Don't
    1. Take all the time you would like to come to a decision on a trustworthy person and pay careful attention on the approach. Be accountable regarding romance, and do not fall for the oldest con tricks of individuals who shower love and affectionateness at the primary instance and disappear later. do not become untimely near to somebody, notwithstanding that intimacy solely happens on-line.
    2. Using your own logic is your best bet as a result of ultimately you're answerable for your personal expertise. Trust your instincts and so move ahead with the proper person!
    3. If you are doing have an unpleasant expertise you'll invariably report it to the authorities.

Grievance Re-addressal

Grievance Re-addressal for customers

In case of any concern relating to a attainable misuse, you will follow the below mentioned steps to register a complaint:

  • Do
    1. Head to the involved profile and report misuse against the profile
    2. The criticism would be acted upon by our Safety table
    3. An email would be sent to your registered email address concerning the receipt of the criticism and also the action taken
    4. You'll be able to then invariably use the ticket ID and reach resolute our grievance officer by writing to for any escalations.

Online Matrimony Cyber Crimes

Report Online Matrimony Service Cyber Crime's

New India Matrimony (NIM) to help metro Police / Statutory Investigation Agency

New India Matrimony (NIM) can Endeavor to supply all attainable help to the Chennai Police (Cyber Crime Investigation Cell) or the other statutory investigation agency to tackle dishonorable users of NIM, on being specifically educated by the aforementioned authorities to try and do therefore.

Please report fraud or misuse, giving full details of your case.